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Juniper from a seminar by Dara Wier


White Roses

The worst side of it all—

The White Sunlight not the polished floor—

Pressed into service,

And then the window closed

And the night ends and begins again.

Her face goes green, her eyes are green,

In the dark corner playing “The Stars and Stripes Forever,” I try to describe for you,

But you will not listen, you are like the swan.

No stars are there,

No stripes,

But a blind man’s cane poking, however clumsily, into the inmost corners of the house.

Nothing can be harmed! Night and day are beginning again!

So put away the book,

The flowers you were keeping to give someone:

Only the white, tremendous foam of the street has any importance,

The new white flowers that are beginning to shoot up about now.

from The Tennis Court Oath (© 1962 Estate of John Ashbery. All rights reserved. Used by arrangement with Georges Borchardt, Inc.)



We were sitting there, and

I made a joke about how

it doesn’t dovetail: time,

one minute running out

faster then the one in front

it catches up to.

That way, I said,

there can be no waste,

Waste is virtually eliminated.

To come back for a few hours to

the present subject, a painting,

looking like it was seen,

half turning around, slightly apprehensive,

but it has to pay attention

to what’s up ahead: a vision.

There poetry dissolves in

brilliant moisture and reads us

to us.

A faint notion. Too many words,

but precious.

from Planisphere (© 2009 Estate of John Ashbery. All rights reserved. Used by arrangement with Georges Borchardt, Inc).