This annotated, searchable catalogue is an inventory of the archive at the Ashbery Resource Center, a project being developed by The Flow Chart Foundation on behalf of Bard College. The catalogue is accessible from
the Ashbery Resource Center's website, as well as from the webpage of the Charles P. Stevenson, Jr. Library of Bard College. The archive contains growing collections of material by, about, and relating to John Ashbery and his work; the annotated citations that comprise this catalogue serve to document the archive’s holdings of items in various formats and media, published and unpublished, including poetry, fiction, critical prose, translations, interviews, and collaborations, as well as visual art, musical compositions, films, plays, artifacts, and ephemera.

Although the project is ongoing, the catalogue functions as a de facto provisional bibliography of Ashbery’s work, and as a step towards establishing the definitive canon. In addition, the wide range of resources identified and categorized in this way helps to define a context for Ashbery’s work and also is made more accessible to researchers and enthusiasts involved with the New York School and the general cultural milieu of the period.

The catalogue has been designed to accommodate both casual browsing of the detailed citations and comprehensive searches of the entire database. Browsing within the catalogue may facilitate serendipitous discoveries among an abundance of factual and speculative information: publication data; identification of source material; anecdotal and contextual backgrounds; subjects covered in interviews, essays, and writings about art; and links to related websites or multimedia files. Searching the database by specific, even multiple variables will yield results tailored to focused inquiries. Either method of use will suggest insights into possible relationships between Ashbery’s work and the multiple contexts within which it exists.

Because this catalogue is an ongoing work-in-progress, users are warned that citations are added, corrected and updated frequently (please bring errors and omissions to our attention). Further, due to the idiosyncratic nature of both this catalogue and the work it documents, users should consult the quick reference guide to the bibliographic codes and the general tips on searching the catalogue to get their bearings. Finally, users are cautioned that all inferences in the citations about possible relationships among various items and materials are merely suggestions that may lead to productive avenues of inquiry; conclusions may be drawn at your own risk. Nevertheless, the compilers hope that the catalogue will prove interesting and useful, even in its current incomplete and (deliberately) inconclusive state.

Professor Nicholas Jenkins of Stanford University was the instigator of this catalogue (see Background…);it is dedicated to him, with sincere thanks.


*The annotated, searchable catalogue of the ARC archive is under construction at this time. The instruction manual for the catalogue is also under construction. They are published here for testing purposes only.

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