The Ashbery Resource Center (ARC), a project of The Flow Chart Foundation (FCF), is an archival and research facility initially developed in cooperation with Bard College. As custodian of large portions of the John Ashbery archive and collections, FCF is coordinating the development of ARC in order to facilitate the identification, organization, documentation, maintenance, and preservation of these materials. ARC's objective is to make available to scholars and researchers a variety of resources relevant to the study of Ashbery's career, emphasizing the context in which his work is created in order to provide additional insight into its significance. One of ARC's most important tasks is the production of an annotated, searchable online catalogue of ARC's archive that will serve as a de facto bibliography of Ashbery's work. To learn more about ARC and its various projects, please visit the links in the navigation bar at left.

FCF is a non-profit organization established in 1998 to encourage the study of interrelationships among various art forms, as well as to facilitate awareness of the roles that an artist's environment can play in the creative process. Among FCF's goals is an exploration of these issues as they are revealed through the various environments that Ashbery creates. The engagement of Ashbery's poetry with other literature, music, the visual and decorative arts, architecture, theater, and film both reflects and is reflected in his own created environments. These purposefully constructed poetic and physical spaces may be seen as exemplary paradigms for such inquiry. To learn more about FCF please visit
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